A chef driven by Passion and Love for food.

Raised in Italy and attached to his home Region: Calabria.

Luciano Schipano is a youthful gourmet expert, conceived in Canada and brought up in Italy; Red Seal guaranteed with a genuine enthusiasm for the culinary expressions. His devotion to the craftsmanship and study of cooking started at seven years old when he made his first sauce. Throughout the years he has concentrated his energy on returning his starting points to find old formulas, embrace old practices and to revive the genuine art of making healthy flavors. Graduated with respect with an ace of science in Demographics thinks about and a thesis on Ecological impression and populace developed. He returned to Toronto in 2011 where fills in as Personal Chef with his own image as LUCIANO SCHIPANO, Executive Chef at Nova Ristorante in Scarborough and Food Consultant/Food diplomat for some, sustenance organizations. As of now Food envoy with Jamie Oliver Food upset development, Luciano is President of Slow Food for Toronto Region. He is Director of Board at the Italian Federation Chefs – Delegation of Canada and dynamic individual from the Canadian Culinary Federation with Oakville Branch. Culinary specialist Luciano has been in numerous TV cooking appears as “l’Arte di Cucinare” on Omni1 with gourmet expert Gianni Ceschia and on CityTv at Festival Italiano of Johnny Lombardi with Chin Radio International. Before long he will hold his first-historically speaking Calabria Culinary Tour on July 17 with a 10 days outing for an impact of sustenance, wine, olive oil and part of customs and cooking classes nearby. Luciano’s enthusiasm for the culinary expressions reaches out from the kitchen to the homeroom in Italy, where he instructed for a long time. His first and most essential exercise for new understudies is dependably the equivalent, the significance of cooking with love! All things considered, the main fixing in all that we do well is love.

The Finest Italian Food directly to your house

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Whether you need a high-class date night on the town, a catered menu for a wedding or other special event, a casual lunch with friends or a weekend afternoon spent enjoying light food and fabulous wine, we can create the perfect experience for you.

With multiple areas around the farmhouse for dining, there is always a perfect place for your enjoyment. Have a romantic night under the stars on our wandering back terrace, landscaped to provide the perfect private date. Eat in famiglia with chef Luciano. Enjoy drinks and appetizers on the front porch.

Whatever your dining needs are, we can provide the perfect service and the best Italian food in the area.

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