I believe food is in a continue evolution and It deserve more attention in many levels and stages. Food has changed in history and places because the availability of ingredients or the culture and marketing changed our habits.

Many new restaurants or old business sometime they don’t know from where to start writing a menu or they experience hard time to find cooks, to get the consistency and the quality of cooking a great dish. More over it’s hard to find the right ingredients and have the network to suppliers who import or care specific products.

We are able to offer you our expertise, portfolio and knowledge to your business and help you on marking up your image and more important to elevate the quality of your food and service. We offer direct training in your kitchen with your existing staff without fire or change any schedule, keeping your labor cost as low as you can and increasing you efficiency and in other words your revenues.

We are able to design menu and write for you recipes with food cost enclosed, we have a network of professionals reliable and prepared to all types of situations, scenarios. From Back of the House to the Front we can help.

We also offers photography service to present you food specials and outline your existing menu