Luciano Schipano is a young chef, born in Canada and raised in Italy; Red Seal certified with a serious passion for the culinary arts. Following in the footsteps of three generations of chefs, his dedication to the art and science of cooking began at the age of seven when he created his first sauce. Over the years he has focused his passion on going back his origins to discover old recipes, adopt old practices and to rekindle the authentic craft of creating wholesome flavors.

Luciano spent two years studying the history of food in different ages and countries including the Medieval, Roman, Greek and Archaic styles. He learned to combine the best traditional methods with the latest science of food chemistry to create an exciting new rendition of traditional cuisine. Luciano’s passion for the culinary arts extends from the kitchen to the classroom in Italy, where he taught for many years. His first and most important lesson for new students is always the same, the importance of cooking with Amore!


After all, the first ingredient in everything we do well, is love.