Personal Chefs are still seen as a novelty to the modern culinary scene, but are far from unattainable. 

Personal Chefs are important for the marketplace as we all want Il meglio (the best) when it comes to have an event in our house.

I will give you il meglio of the Italian cuisine in Toronto, using High quality ingredients, family recipes cooked from scratch and save you time for grocery,

prepping, cleaning and I will take care of you and your guests from A to Z.

We should all be allowed to experience dining and service so grandiose and luxurious in our homes…occasionally at least.

Contact me with confidence, I will help you to pick a menu according with your needs, dietary restrictions and tailor you budget, because

everyone deserve to be spoiled by a personal chef.

I will come in your house to inspect your kitchen, see your equipments and figure out together how you want setup your event.

On the day of your event I will come and will cook in your house, using your tools, pots, dishes to delivery an authentic Italian meal, talking with your guests, showcasing fresh cooking and telling them stories about traditions.

When needed I will have staff who help to serve, clean and taking care of your event giving you the best service possible with the only goal of having

a real experience with Italian food.

I offer a unique package of 20 courses and serving up 12/14 people in a family style bringing to you the best Italian food experience directly to your table, accommodating all type of palate and food restrictions. I also offer Kosher and Halal dishes to make my guest comfortable and happy.