I believe that food is like a journey with the ability to bring you the same experience of travelling on the place where the food comes from by his ingredients.

Each ingredient will tell you about the soil, climate, air, water specific in that part of Italy (or world to be more expansive).

Food is energy and the combination of ingredients will tell you about the space and the history of the recipes and food you are going to eat or you are eating.

That’s what I want to give you: an imaginary trip inside the regional and traditional Italian cuisine with our culinary events, where you can taste Food, Olive oil or Wine from a specific region, province or town of Italy. Meeting producers, importers, and chefs who will talk and tell you their own experience or life.

A unique way to take you and have a taste of Italy with music, food and people from Calabria, Toscana, Sicilia etc.. and maybe fall in love for that part of Italy to decide to go and visit or more to go and live there.

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