Chef Luciano is cooking for ICFF closing gala

Another great event signed Luciano Schipano at Ritz-Carlton Toronto

ICFF once again hosted their exclusive closing gala at The Ritz-Carlton, surrounded by a luxurious atmosphere, where guests indulged in the splendid creations of superior cuisine while enjoying and celebrating the effervescent surroundings. This star-studded evening on June 22 was also including a formal dinner prepared by Michelin award winning chefs Giancarlo Morelli and Maria Cicorella.

Schipano Fine Foods was there to prepare the cocktail reception before dinner using also Italian and local products from sponsor of ICFF.


Chef Luciano landed in NewFoundloand

A culinary affair teamed with Chef Carmelo Vadacchino

Invited by Chef Carmelo Vadacchino for an annual event ran in Corner Broke in NewFoundland, chef Luciano had the opportunity to create few recipes (Italian style) using local ingredients for delicious menu in collaboration with other chefs and local partners. During his permanency Chef Luciano have had the opportunity to meet the community, local chefs and farmers to experience in person the life of the East coast.


Elegant eatery opens beside original Pizza Nova

Toronto SUN

Executive chef Luciano Schipano has been at the helm the last six months, bringing a variety of fusion Italian dishes to the restaurant (which seats around 110) that includes a variety of pastas, seafood, meats and a lovely brunch menu reflective of the changing seasons. Desserts are certainly homemade and the restaurant shines with a quiet sophistication in a setting that is smartly elegant with an inviting decor; and the food is abundant without being overwhelming, showcasing “freshness and flavour,” says Chef Schipano. “The idea is not to overwhelm, but let the ingredients shine through.”


Luciano Schipano Recalls the Calabrian Tradition of the Pig

Chef from Catanzaro talks about la tradizione del maiale 

Luciano Schipano was born in Toronto, but at the age of three his parents, Maria and Giuseppe, decided to return to their native Olivadi (CZ). He was raised, trained as a chef, and ran a successful restaurant business in rural Calabria before immigrating back to Toronto in 2011.

We recently spoke about the southern Italian tradition of making homemade salumi, and how it can differ between communities abroad (like the one in Toronto) and traditional Calabrian towns like his native Olivadi, in the province of Catanzaro (population 1,500).


Chef Luciano Schipano serves an authentic taste of Italy at Nova Ristorante

Scarborough restaurant features winter menu


Nova Ristorante head chef Luciano Schipano prepares one of the specials from the winter menu at the Lawrence Avenue restaurant in Scarborough. – Photo/ALLEN AGOSTINO

All fresh and old school.

Thats the guiding philosophy of chef Luciano Schipano at Scarboroughs Nova Ristorante.

That, and large servings of passion and respect for the food served at the Lawrence Avenue restaurant.

There is a story and passion behind the plate, he says during an interview and tasting session at the restaurant on a recent February night.

Its about an experience and the making of a good memory, Schipano says, describing what makes a successful meal at a restaurant.

Its the overall experience, and many places forget that. I absolutely care about the experience.

Being a chef is in Schipanos blood; he is carrying on a tradition that goes back three generations in his northern Italian family.


Chef Luciano cooking at Nova Ristorante